Vaping Tips for Beginners

There is a boatload of reasons to consider moving away from tobacco products and moving over to electronic cigarettes. When using electronic cigarettes, many former tobacco smokers can improve their health and even lessen or eliminate their dependence on nicotine. While these are excellent benefits, the first few weeks of vaping are a different experience than smoking, and there are a few helpful bits of advice that can make your transition smoother.

With a cigarette, you only need a lighter or a match and the actual cigarette to smoke. For vaping, you will need to begin by purchasing a special vape kit. This kit will include your electronic cigarette and all of its components as well as a charger and a USB cable. There are many great vape kits on the market, just be sure to buy quality merchandise and always be sure to use the charger and USB cable that was made for your electronic cigarettes especially. Using your phone charger or another charger can cause damage to your E-cigs. Also, be sure only to charge your e-cig until it is fully charged, don’t let it sit charging overnight like you would your phone. This, too, can damage the battery of your vaping device.

To take in the vapor of your e-cig, you inhale just like you would do with a regular traditional cigarette. However, the actual feeling of inhaling and the experience itself is very different from tobacco. While some enjoy vaping right away, for others, it can take a while to warm up to this new experience. Give yourself a bit of time and perhaps consider beginning with a flavor of e-liquid that is similar to tobacco.

Spending time sampling flavors is always fun, and aside from those that have a tobacco-like flavor, there are plenty of other options. For instance, some e-liquids are flavored like hot coffee or cold coffee drinks. Some are designed to taste like popular cocktails and some like candy. There are still others that taste like apple pie, cheesecake or chocolate. There are also private label e-liquids out there, which are special blends that are exclusive to one specific vape store or chain of vape stores. Sometimes you will find a favorite option among these private label liquids.

One of the things you will like best about electronic cigarettes is what they do not contain, such as the 1000s of toxins found in tobacco. When it comes to nicotine, you can select e-liquids with varying amounts of nicotine or none at all. You might start out with an amount similar to the cigarettes you used to smoke and then gradually reduce the level down to zero. Even if you are never able to eliminate the nicotine, a lower amount will be better for your health, and many former tobacco smokers report that even if they still use nicotine, they find that their smoker’s cough goes away quickly and they feel healthier in general.