Spring Mattresses vs. Springless Mattresses

Springless mattresses are relative newcomers to the mattress gallery. Compare them to traditional spring mattresses on this site which has a special offer on double mattresses and decide which is the perfect fit.

Mattresses today come in a variety of sizes, heights and comfort level. But the most notable newcomers are the springless varieties. Unlike traditional mattresses, these options have no metal components, which begs the question: how do they compare to spring mattresses?

The Different Categories

Most mattresses can be divided into the following categories: spring mattresses, latex mattresses, and memory foam mattresses.

Spring mattresses, as their name suggests, are constructed by joining metal springs together to form a rectangular base. Those springs are then covered with foam and cotton padding, then a fabric cover. The size and quantity of the springs will vary, as will how those springs are connected. The amounts of foam and cotton on top of the springs are what determine the comfort level.

Latex mattresses can be made from either natural or synthetic latex rubber. A thick layer of the latex is placed over a layer of high-density foam. Over the latex may be additional foam, latex or padding to adjust the comfort level.

Memory foam is a synthetic foam that conforms to the body. Frequently a layer of high-density foam lies beneath the memory foam for added support. The density of the memory foam and the depth of the memory foam layer or layers will determine the comfort level of the mattress. Though the material is a bit different than the “generic” memory foams, Tempur-pedic mattresses could fit into this category.

Important to note is that with latex mattresses, the body rests on top of the mattress, while with memory foam mattresses, the body sinks into the mattress.

Sleep Number beds are in a category of their own. Their support comes from air chambers beneath the padding and cover. The comfort level is adjustable to suit all body types.

Pros and Cons

Each kind of mattress has its pros and cons. Springless mattresses, which include the latex and memory foam mattresses, have increased in popularity because the pros, for many, are life-altering.

Unlike spring mattresses, which rely on springs pushing back at you for support, springless mattresses do not introduce pressure points. The density of the material provides the support, and the material will shape itself to the body.

For back pain sufferers, this is a great benefit, as it eases the discomfort that pressure points may cause. A lack of pressure points also aids in blood flow, enabling better blood circulation.

Another benefit of springless mattresses is the hypoallergenic factor. The materials these mattresses are made of are not conducive to the survival of dust mites and other allergens, so allergy sufferers may also find relief.

It is a common myth that latex and memory foam mattresses will wear out more quickly than traditional spring mattresses. Springless mattresses made now are designed to last if, if not longer than, spring mattresses. In fact, there are very few cons with springless mattresses, except that their starting prices can be a bit higher than low-end spring mattresses.

The cons with spring mattresses, suggested above, can seem to outweigh the pros. Why, then, do so many people still rely on spring mattresses? One reason is habit. For many, experience can bring more emotional comfort than trying something new could provide. It can also be the cost, since spring mattresses start at a lower price than springless. For others, spring mattresses are simply more comfortable. For consumers who like a very firm mattress, a spring mattress may be the best option. Also, a wider range of spring mattresses offers consumers a greater choice.

The Bottom Line

The category a mattress falls into does not determine its level of quality. The most important factor to consider is finding the right fit. Each mattress will feel differently and taking the time to find the mattress that suits your needs will ensure a comfortable night’s sleep.