Reinvent Your Attic Space

Need some extra space in your home? How about you consider converting your loft. But this DIY project is a complex one. There is so much hard work you’ll put in not to mention the amount of time you will spend. But professional loft conversions are totally worth it and incredibly rewarding. And if you are looking forward to selling your house, this process can add significant value to it.

Converting your loft means you will get an extra room which you can use it for different things including, a recording studio or a children’s playroom. But remember to get the relevant permission and paperwork before you start working on this project. That said, here are some ideas to what you can convert your loft space to.

1. A Stylish Bathroom

Your loft space can very well serve as your bathroom. Just because its dimensions are awkward, and it has heavy beams does not mean that you can’t incorporate your shower in this space. Bathrooms do not have to be big, they only require a headroom, a freestanding bath space and easy to move around area. While designing use simple shapes and combine them with a traditional colour palette.

2. Design a Home Office

Even if you think you don’t need a home office right now, this space is particularly important. You need a place where you can do your work in peace. But if the initial design of your house did not incorporate that, you don’t have to worry. Take advantage of the loft space and convert it into your desirable working office. Remember that an office requires a lot of light, so avoid black blinds with heavy materials.

3. Create an Extra Bedroom

Every house could use an extra bedroom. It could come in handy when you have so many visitors or you someone wants a place to relax. Most people convert their lofts into bedrooms anyway. But when designing this sleeping room, remember to stay clear of too much light. Also, you can repaint it and ensure that the colours used match with those of the furniture.

4. Convert Your Loft into a Kid’s Playroom

Lofts make an excellent space for kid’s playrooms or bedrooms. They could also be used as extra relaxing space for the teenagers and kids. Ensure that you keep them cosy and avoid too much complex colour scheme. Also, you need to accessorize it and use soft furnishings. But remember you will change the room from time to time as your young ones continue to grow.

5. Design a Dressing Room

When the bedroom is small, many people tend to congest it forgetting that they can get some extra space in their lofts. You don’t have to squeeze your bedroom space while you can take advantage of the extra space in your attic. Design a dressing room. Include built-in storage that will hold your clothes and other dressing materials you’ll need. Also don’t forget that you will need natural light in this room, so avoid dark curtains. And position the floorboards in a manner that they give an appearance of a longer space.

If you have been wondering what to do with your loft, you have an idea now. But if this project is hard for you to do it by yourself, don’t fret. You can always seek help from a loft conversion company to undertake the task.