Oak Furniture – Standing The Test Of Time

Ever since we were little, oak has been an integral part of growing up. An oak tree has been central to many a fable and the ultimate fantasy of any child involves solving intriguing mysteries while perched on a giant oak tree with a glass of chilled lemonade. This is a testimony to the enduring charm of ‘Oak’ tales. Little wonder that the oak having weathered many a storm and has pervaded every area of our life. Oak has now stepped into our homes from the garden in the guise of oak furniture. You can see some great oak furniture on www.kalustofurniture.co.uk.

Oak fulfills many of the requirements of an ideal material for the manufacture of furniture. This possibly explains the continued popularity of oak furniture. Oak is a kind of wood which is solid and resilient. It is resistant to warping and hence retains its appearance over time. -The longevity and sturdiness do not take away from the elegance of the wood and hence oak wood is the material of choice for both classical and contemporary pieces of furniture. Furniture made of oak wood sits in a rustic cottage and a plush boardroom with equal aplomb. Oakwood lends itself beautifully to craftsmanship and this explains the versatility of furniture that can be made using it. Dining sets and armoires made of oak wood have a timeless quality about them. The natural grain of the oak wood can be lightened or highlighted using stains depending on the piece of furniture being manufactured. The use of oak wood in living room furniture adds a sense of dignified and understated elegance to the whole house. Bedroom furniture made of oak wood is a statement of exclusivity and style.

Oak furniture is a little expensive to begin with, but provides more than handsome returns on the initial investment. The durability of oak as a furniture material makes each piece of furniture a priceless heirloom. Oak wood furniture, like fine wine, gets better with age. The one characteristic feature of furniture made of oak wood is that the color of the natural grain changes with time. This places a higher premium on the value of oak as a furniture material with unique properties. Of course, as with anything else, there are a few downsides to furniture made from oak wood. Such furniture is heavy and cannot be classified as scratch or spill resistant. This makes it not so ideal for child bedrooms and other high traffic areas. But these factors do not detract from the desirability of oak as a furniture material.

Feeble attempts are often made to replicate the “feel” of oak using veneers and particle board but these remain exactly what they are intended to be – poor replicas, which are nothing like the real thing. It is like going to Madame Tussauds to meet your favorite celebrity – the soul is quite not there. So go ahead and bring home that piece of original oak furniture – it will stay with you for a long time without ever revealing its age.Bedroom oak furniture is definitely a wise choice, if you have enough money to invest and taste for fine as well as artistic pieces of furniture. When you return to your bedroom after a tiring day, you will definitely feel more comfortable and totally relaxed. The exceptional wear resistance feature of furniture made f oak is another advantage that you get when you use it.

The bedroom is one place where you require complete privacy and relaxation. By adding a bedroom oak furniture collection to your house, you can definitely rest assured that it will last long. The golden glow of the furniture enhances the looks of your bedroom. With a stylish design and elegant looking display of furniture, the outcome is nothing less than total comfort and richness. After regular usage and long years, the furniture may lose its shine. But if you use the right wood cleaner, the bedroom oak furniture that you own will remain fresh in its appearance. Applying polish to the furniture will make it look fresh and new. Knowing how to maintain your furniture is a proof of the fact that you won’t be spending money on it for a considerable amount of time.

If you fail to maintain or take proper care of your bedroom oak furniture, then it will surely look dull and drab. The kind of enthusiasm that you show in buying oaken furniture should also be present post-purchase. To save your furniture, a little bit of care and maintenance goes a long way in durability. By having oak wood furniture in your house, you create an inviting atmosphere for your guests. Hence, apart from you; even your relatives and friends will spend time with you in a comfortable atmosphere. Set an example for others by choosing bedroom oak furniture. Thus once you decide to buy oak furniture to decorate your bedroom, the kind of design that you need depends upon your taste and budget.