How To Camouflage Paint

My nephew loves to go paint balling, so I am a hand at preparing his equipment a painting it with camouflage paint. Needless to say to camouflage paint, it is not a case of simply buying a spray can of camouflage patterned paint, you need to purchase three different colours of spray paint.

Use three colours that will fit in the surroundings, I usually buy green, brown and grey, typical military colours. I get mine from Arc-rite Paints.

First I prime the article I am about to paint by sanding it to remove dirt and rust, then use a primer paint before camouflaging it.

Once the primer is dry spray that entire article with a base colour. I prefer to spray green. Then find some leaves and place them on your article, and spray again using one of the other colours. Remove the leaves and replace them in a different position and spray using your final colour.

And there you have it – the article should now be perfectly camouflage painted!

To see this process in more detail, watch the video below.