Decorating a Small Space, Rugs, Walls & More

If you’ve found yourself living in less than spacious quarters, there are several tricks one can utilize to make the most of their living quarters and maximize space.

Having trouble trying to fit your sofa, media centre, guest chairs and coffee table in your new 700 square foot apartment? Have no fear. It can be done. And with a few clever ideas and some thinking outside the box, your apartment may be more comfortable than you ever imagined. Follow these ideas to make your space seem larger than it really is and live with a little style.


Many people assume that white walls will make a room appear larger. This is not always the case. Don’t be afraid of using colour! In fact, small rooms often appear much larger than they are when they are painted in bold hues. If you are scared to take the plunge whole heartedly, try painting one wall in one of your favourite colours, and then use that colour as part of your entire decorating scheme.


Hardwood floors are gorgeous and often on the top of people’s wish lists in their homes. But even the loveliest of floors becomes more inviting with a great modern area rug. Choosing the right size rug is key, and most often people purchase a rug that is too small. A large rug that all of your furniture can sit upon will ‘anchor’ your room. Look at this site to view their great range of modern rugs. Try and have all of your seating’s front legs rest on the rug, or even better, have it sit completely on the rug. It will set the area and keep things unified.


Less is not always more when decorating a small space. With the right layout, you can fit much more seating than you might first imagine. Be creative with angles and try and keep seating to a comfortable scheme in which you can easily sit in any seat and talk with someone across from you. Don’t make the mistake of thinking everything has to face a media centre. Remember you can always turn a chair to watch a movie!

Multi Task and Edit-

When choosing your furniture or even decorating in a small space, it’s best to truly love each piece and make sure your furniture is functional. Consider using an ottoman with storage as your coffee table by adding a tray on top to hold your drink. This way, you’ll get a place to rest your feet, storage for blankets or books, an extra seat if needed, and a place to set a nice book or some snacks.

With a little imagination and thought, you can make your small space sensational.