Cool Ways to Wall Paint the Living Room

Paint One Wall

For a pop of color without the commitment of painting every wall, try painting a single wall a bold colour preferably with colourful specialist paints. Colours to consider include bright citrus tones, deep earth tones, shimmery jewel tones or even soft black. If you do not mind your children writing on the walls, try painting an area with chalkboard paint. Kids enjoy being able to draw on a wall; cleanup is simple. If your wall has imperfections, use a low gloss paint to hide them.

Paint a Living Mural

If you’re artistically inclined, paint a living room mural. For something not many people have, get buggy with it. Paint a forest or desert scene with trees, cacti, bushes and other hiding places. Position several limbs and rocks as a backdrop for painting in brightly colored butterflies, insects and caterpillars.

Hidden Image Mural

Keep people busy by painting a hidden object mural. Subjects may include hidden animals, fish in the sea, images in clouds, tree leaves with hidden faces and pictures in rocks. Rocks and trees make good places to hide people and animals. Paint twisted barks to look like bodies and faces. The more you practice, the better your end project will be.

Leather Wall Painting

Use paint to give your walls a weathered, leather-like appearance. Paint your walls a dark brown base color. Use varying shades of medium and light brown mixed with tan to add depth. Dilute the accent paints to make blending easier. Harsh lines do not look natural and detract from the technique.

Striped Wall Technique

Paint your wall a solid base color. Allow this to dry before taping off the desired sized stripes. Use a ruler to mark your lines evenly. Choose lighter or darker shades; paint over the exposed areas. When the paint sets up, yet is not completely dry, remove the tape carefully. Touch-up any messy areas as necessary.