2011 Mercedes Benz SL 350 Night Edition – An Honest Review

When motivation is needed to surpass all – there is a strange saying which one might as well consider. ‘Look into the dark side of your nature – that’s where the energy is, the passion and inspiration.’ On somewhat similar lines, Mercedes decided to venture out into the dark side of its popular roadster and emerged with a new limited-run Mercedes Benz 2011 Night Edition, featuring Obsidian Black paintwork. For a full review of this luxury car, visit www.rapyalluxurytravel.co.uk.

2011 Mercedes Benz SL 350 Night Edition – Interior and goodies

The SL 350 Night Edition comes with a myriad of niceties and could well be one for the collector’s treasure trove. The few added extras to ensure that one feels as pampered as one would like to be. The Nappa leather upholstery with the contrasting white stitching is eye catching and lovely. High gloss door handles, chrome strip on the shoulder line and the chrome sill door panels add to its looks.

The sports steering wheel goes well with the dark inner theme and sets up the mood for a day of pampering. AIRSCARF neck-level heating and automatic draught-stop with a high-gloss chrome trim strip tops the list of goodies that we love. One shouldn’t be blamed if the ambience gets to the head and one starts expecting spa treatment; and even look for the menu upon entering the ‘2011 Night Edition’. To top it off, there are 19-inch AMG five spoke alloy wheels with silver painted brake calipers – giving the car a deadly looking stance.

2011 Mercedes Benz SL 350 Night Edition – About it’s Power Train

The SL 350 is powered by a 3.5-litre V6, which is impeccably smooth engine that does a 0-100km/h in 6.2 seconds. Mated exclusively to Mercedes-Benz’s 7G-TRONIC seven-speed automatic transmission, the V6 provides fluid power delivery to the rear wheels.

Mercedes Benz SL 350 Night Edition – About it’s Safety Features

Safety features include the usual assortment of electronic driver aids all of which come standard plus six airbags and pop-up anti-rollover bars.

2011 Mercedes Benz Night Edition – The Road Handling and Verdict

Behind the wheel, and sitting a long way back from the front of the car, the SL 350 drives as one would expect a sports coupe to drive. The classic roadster driving position gives a true feeling of being one with the car, an impression backed by a responsive throttle reaction, cool handling and powerful braking, all of which lend the Night Edition the touch of finesse.